Southern Rock Lobster Jasus Edwardsii

Distribution: Southern Rock Lobsters inhabit the continental shelf along the east coast of Australia, found around the southern coast, from central New South Wales to southern Western Australia, including Tasmania.

Size: Maximum total body length is 58cm (males), and 43cm (females); maximum carapace lengths 23.5cm (males), 18cm (females); minimum legal carapace lengths 10cm (males), and 9cm (females)

Characteristics: Spiny rock lobsters are carnivorous, leaving their rock cover to venture out to feed during the night. They live in and around reefs at depths ranging from 5–200 metres deep at the continental shelf. They can be dark red and orange above with paler yellowish abdomens or grey-green brown with the paler underside. The more tropical animals tend to have the brighter colours.